Next week's Schedule

Lights turn on at 6:30pm, games start at 6:45pm

Tip-off at 6:45pm Sun, Oct 27
Field 1Semi Final #1 Red vs Green
Field 2Semi Final #2 Black vs Blue
Bookends - green
Molly Welsh
Ted Morehouse
charlie rotter
Jesse Crenshaw
Beau atkinson
Nathan Bray
Jessica Creamer
Everett Arruda
Ethan Rempel
Karthik Ramachandran
Kent DiasAbeygunawardena
Brent Kimmi
Steph Rupp
Harrison Scheib
Abbie Kendall
Layout - red
Jamie McGovern
Ryan Haake
Tim Nunnink
Matt Primovic
Will Sharp
Laura Moluf
Nicole Smith
Cote Smith
Caleb Cauthon
Nadine Rowen
Brett Hidaka
TJ Meehan
Griffin Ashley
Jerad Bickford
AJ Lord
Clare Frantz
Disc Never Lies - blue
Kelsey Akin
Nick White
Yas Motoyama
Kat Songer
Anne Wangles
Trent Kuhl
Will Mason
Taylor Ivey
Emily Davidson
Cameron Hunter
Chandler Hanna
Jakob Yedo
Schuyler Ellis
Kelly Gillean
Ryan Folmsbee
Huck it or youre nothin - black
Matt Baker
ryan tuschhoff
Kailee Karr
Christina Baker
James Davis
Jeff Healy
Breanne Hutchens
Taylor Boyd
Grace Roth
Eric Winks
Cody Johnson
Nate Pascal
Collin Edwards
Ethan Lovell
Sun, Oct 6
Field 1Blue def Green (15-4)
Field 2Black def Red (15-11)
Sun, Oct 13
Field 1Red def Blue (17-16)
Field 2Green def Black (15-8)
Sun, Oct 20
Field 1Black def Blue (15-11)
Field 2Red def Green (15-8)

Championship Night

Sun, Oct 27 - Semi-Finals - 6:45pm
Field 1#1 Red (2-1, +43 -39)
#4 Green (1-2, +27 -38)
Field 2#2 Black (2-1, +38 -37)
#3 Blue (1-2, +42 -36)

Sun, Oct 27 Finals - 8:00 PM

Field 1Winner of Semifinal #1
Winner of Semifinal #2
Field 2Loser of Semifinal #1
Loser of Semifinal #2
Sun, Nov 3
Field 1Blue vs Green
Field 2Red vs Black
Sun, Nov 3
Field 1Blue vs Green
Field 2Red vs Black
Handing out shirts on Sunday, Oct 6!


Ultimate Frisbee is a fun sport for people of all ages above 15. Playing in a summer league or fall league is a great way to meet people and get some exercise.

Lawrence Ultimate is meant to be fun.

Lawrence Ultimate leagues cost money but they're totally worth it.

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